Spring: Bye, April

April favorites…

  • I turned 26 (#adulting)
  • I finally established an efficient system for washing dishes (#stilladulting)
  • I almost got my office set up (it looks like a college freshman designed it, so still trying to figure out how the #adulting theme translates…)
  • I packed up my winter clothes, and then got them all back out again the next day because the weather played me (nearly successful #adulting).
  • I fell in love with SnapChat filters…

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Caving: Starting a Blog

Over the past few years, several people have suggested that I write a blog: friends, professors, church folk, etc., not because the world needs my voice in order to carry on or because I’m such a stellar writer, but because I enjoy processing “out loud.”

^^ See that run on sentence? Prepare yourself.

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