Mission Tripping: Alaska, 2017

“Pastor Audrey! How was Alaska?”

“Yeah… wow… it’s just Alaska.”

Is it strange that if I have a daughter some day, I’d like to name her Alaska? It has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen… so many gorgeous mountains, colors, smells, and hikes. Who knew somewhere with absurdly late sunsets could be that stunning.

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Hello: Oh, Hi March

Well, it’s been a minute since I popped on the blogosphere. Life has certainly been crazy – my job picked up pretty significantly, my old apartment has been extra cranky, and my mind is whirring with all the things.

Cool things from February:

  • first Winter Retreat with my middle school youth group was a success!
  • co-led our Elder and Consistory meetings due to Steven’s absence
  • hosted a Ladies Night fundraiser, and became the last minute speaker (obvi I took a stab at the Proverbs 31 woman)
  • spent lots of time crafting a schedule that prioritizes self-care / exercise

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Naomi: A Widowed Refugee

Tonight in youth group, we remembered stories of refugees from Scripture.

There are so many… Abraham, Noah, Jacob, David, Hagar, Ishmael, the Israelites, Jesus… some argue that Adam and Eve were refugees as well.

There are dozens of refugees in the Bible… but what is a refugee?

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Compassion: It Comes First

This past week I participated in a series of complicated / important / charged conversations…

  1. conversations with my classis concerning a response to human sexuality / same-sex marriage / ordination of LGBTQ persons.
  2. a conversation with my middle school youth group about spiritual gifts (which we’ve been studying together for the past few months).
  3. a conversation with my parents about God’s sovereignty and human free will.
  4. a handful of conversations about President Trump’s inauguration.
  5. a conversation with myself about self-care.

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