An Evolving List of Lessons Learned

  1. Always ask for socks as birthday/holiday gifts because only moms buy good socks.
  2. Get cash back when you check out at Meijer because only a handful of customer service employees swipe a card for $10 in quarters.
  3. If your microwave is nasty, fill a cup/bowl with water and put it in for 90 seconds before cleaning.
  4. When the recipe says “salt and pepper to taste,” TASTE. Don’t just GUESS.
  5. Even if you air dry your dress pants, leave them in the dryer for 10 minutes anyway to prevent stiffness.
  6. Expensive chapstick doesn’t necessarily mean better chapstick.
  7. Do. Not. Rush. Shin. Splints.
  8. If someone asks you to cut their hair, first assess your relationship: if it’s strong, go right ahead; if it’s weak, step away from the scissors.
  9. You don’t need a dishwasher, but it’s definitely 1,000,000% better to have one.
  10. Here’s the thing: you can’t expect little kids to understand anything but their own perspective, so don’t negotiate with them. Just change the subject drastically.
  11. There is absolutely a right way to iron a dress shirt.
  12. Big words aren’t as impressive as you think they are.
  13. The best candles in the world are at TJ Maxx.
  14. You can never have enough pens.
  15. Do NOT use heaps of windex to clean a TV screen.
  16. I recommend painting your nails before hopping in the shower – shampoo / conditioner / body wash helps to scrub mistakes away (obvi wait for it to dry).
  17. There is no such thing as wearing too many rings.
  18. Eat slowly.
  19. Don’t tell someone you’ll pray for them unless you actually plan to.
  20. Say nice things to yourself first thing in the morning – it helps.
  21. Definitely watch “The Great British Baking Show” (but if you’re on a diet, it’ll make you stumble).
  22. Scarves are for all seasons.
  23. Everyone is insecure.
  24. Current favorite snack: heat up a pan on the stove, throw in some honey nut cheerios with a *meh* amount of butter, and add salt to taste. UGH STOP.
  25. If it’s really late and you’re craving a pizza, get the Domino’s app and take it from there. Papa John’s is good, but it takes a lot longer (so if it’s like 11 PM, you’re gonna be up a while).
  26. Make confession a daily thing.
  27. Don’t lock your keys in your running car. Just, don’t.
  28. Rest is so important.