Mission Tripping: Alaska, 2017

“Pastor Audrey! How was Alaska?”

“Yeah… wow… it’s just Alaska.”

Is it strange that if I have a daughter some day, I’d like to name her Alaska? It has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen… so many gorgeous mountains, colors, smells, and hikes. Who knew somewhere with absurdly late sunsets could be that stunning.

I didn’t take many pictures because I was busy watching kids and trying to take it all in, so I’ll include a couple but just know that they absolutely do not do this mission trip any justice.

Service project: clearing a runway for Ron and Barb.
Sweet girls.
Hiking to Exit Glacier.
Exploring Matanuska Glacier.
Kenzie and I at Hatcher’s Pass (one of the only photos of me that I find acceptable).
Hatcher’s Pass.
Sitting on the dock in Seward.
The whole group at Eaglecrest (featuring the bathrooms).
Jack took approximately 300 selfies on my iPhone, and this one was the most #model.


  1. Saturday (06.17): bus ride to Chicago, flight to Houston (cuz that makes sense), brief layover, flight to Anchorage, bus ride to Eaglecrest
  2. Sunday (06.18) – Friday (06.23): morning devos, breakfast, service projects, lunch, break, dinner, campfire, stay up super late for games (hikes and shenanigans interspersed throughout)
  3. Saturday (06.24): afternoon in Anchorage, bus ride to Seward, hosted by a local church
  4. Sunday (06.25) – Monday (06.26): explore Seward, bus ride to Anchorage, flight to Chicago, bus ride home

Some highlights//random memories:

  • Eaglecrest in general. A beautiful campsite.
  • eskimo yo-yos
  • Colossians 3:17
  • Hatcher’s Pass (a gold mine)
  • “I only wear my teeth on Sundays and when I go in to town” – Pastor Ed
  • Exit Glacier
  • Moose’s Tooth
  • mountains on mountains on mountains
  • Chickaloon
  • playing cards
  • a sermon on Moses
  • teaching Ana a Hebrew song (Hi-nei ma tov)
  • Mt. Butte
  • my new 4-year-old friend, Matthew (“I saw a squil!!” <– translation: “squirrel”)
  • walking along the harbor in Seward
  • hiking hiking hiking
  • playing nine square
  • Exit Glacier
  • helping Ron and Barb clear a runway
  • God sightings
  • shopping in Anchorage
  • encouragement notes
  • doing laundry (thanks be to God)
  • karaoke night
  • an impromptu meal (chili = yum) hosted by the pastor and his wife
  • my new moose plush!! ❀
  • singing in the shower
  • so much McDonald’s
  • accidentally stepping on Madeline’s face when I climbed down the top bunk. oops.
  • Matanuska Glacier

Hey Aud, what did you appreciate?:

  • a chance to read the Bible again as a disciple
  • treasured quiet time with God
  • meaningful conversations
  • deepening relationships

Grateful to serve our awesome God!


Author: aedewaard12

Wife. Pastor. M.Div. Reformed. Feminist. Runner. Enneagram Activist. Mediocre Writer. Lover of the Bible. People call me Aud (it suits me).

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