Spring: Bye, April

April favorites…

  • I turned 26 (#adulting)
  • I finally established an efficient system for washing dishes (#stilladulting)
  • I almost got my office set up (it looks like a college freshman designed it, so still trying to figure out how the #adulting theme translates…)
  • I packed up my winter clothes, and then got them all back out again the next day because the weather played me (nearly successful #adulting).
  • I fell in love with SnapChat filters…

… as you can see. I think that means I lose a few #adulting points.

As it pertains to the blogosphere, I don’t have much to check in on. I’ve been taking some time away from my socials to focus in on our current sermon series, finalize details for our mission trip to Alaska (!!!) this June, and just take better care of myself in general.

I’ve been on a super intentional self-care / health & wellness journey over the past six months that, in April, led to some significant changes. Perhaps I’ll write more about that in a future post, but for now I’m surrounded by commentaries and waiting for the Spirit to speak some direction into Sunday’s sermon.

I’ll say more words when clarity comes. Cheers!

P.S. Tonight is graduation at Western Theological Seminary, which means I received my degree a year ago!! Crazy.

P.P.S. // P.S.S. (too lazy to Google that):

My cute little “bud”dy! (ew puns)
My other buddy 🙂

Author: aedewaard12

Wife. Pastor. M.Div. Reformed. Feminist. Runner. Enneagram Activist. Mediocre Writer. Lover of the Bible. People call me Aud (it suits me).

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