Confession: Things I Need to Remember

I do not need to have it all together.

I can admit when I do not have the answer.

Pastoral Leadership ≠ having it all together or having all the answers.

Pastoral Leadership = knowing the difference between what I know and what I do not know, and walking that line with integrity.


It’s uke time.

The first thing I did this morning was curl my hair, which I don’t normally do (unless I have to adult somewhere). When I curl my hair, it’s because I want to feel confident and put together. When I curl my hair, I tune out to Grey’s Anatomy while inevitably burning my fingertips. When I curl my hair, it’s usually because I’m putting off a conversation that I need to have with myself.

Today I needed to hear that I can only be the type of Pastor that resonates with who God made me to be.

And you know what?

That’s. Fine.


That’s. Good.


Author: aedewaard12

Wife. Pastor. M.Div. Reformed. Feminist. Runner. Enneagram Activist. Mediocre Writer. Lover of the Bible. People call me Aud (it suits me).

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